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Drain field problems or septic tank problems can result in messy inconvenient smells and odors, and if left unresolved, can lead to possibly costly repairs. If you are having problems with your drain field or simply need a new one installed, call Babe Hefner Plumbing today!





1. Slow drains:
Sure, slow drains are annoying and can be caused by many things.  But a slow drain can also be a sign of a bigger problems in your drain field. Don’t hesitate to call a Babe Hefner Plumbing for help.

2. Needing to Flush Repeatedly:
If you have a normal volume of water, but still need additional toilet flushes to remove waste, there’s a good chance you have a clogged or failing drain field.  This sign is often accompanied by one or more of the other signs.  But if you're not sure, let us help diagnose the problem.  

3. Water Coming Up Through the Lower Level Drains:
This is a Big Red flag! By the time this occurs, you likely have a septic failure or blockage that cannot be ignored.  Septic/sewage backing up into your home presents serious health risks and should not be ignored.  Take proper precautions when ever you are around septic waste.

4. Wet Spots In the Yard:
A blockage or failure in the drain field can result in excess moisture near the surface of the ground above the field.  You may even have occasional standing water in some spots.  In addition to the obvious areas of soggy earth, look for areas where you see greener or denser growth of grass or shrubbery as this may be sign of excess moisture and waste.

5. Black Slimy Substance on the Ground Above Septic Tank or Field Lines:
This is another big red flag and a potential health hazard. We do NOT recommend for you to attempt to correct this yourself.  It’s time to call the professionals at Babe Hefner Plumbing at 704-634-8926.

6. Sewage Odor Outside or Inside:
If there are sewage odors coming from drains, or soggy sewage smelling wet areas on your property, the waste septic system is likely to be at fault.


There are currently a variety of types of drain fields (also known as leach fields or tile fields) used in modern systems.  The professionals at Babe Hefner Plumbing can help you to identify problems in these vital areas of your household septic system arrangement. Conventional drain fields are by far the most common category, but some homeowners may have one of a number of unconventional types of drain field installations.

Some of these drain field systems require ongoing maintenance to function properly. Others may be less durable and may require replacement sooner than expected. Identifying which type of drain field is in use in your own septic system can give you a better idea of what maintenance may be required to keep it functioning properly.  Whatever type you have, we can help you resolve the problems of your system or help you with installation of a new system.  Give us a call today.

Having a septic or sewer problem and need a priority service right away? Babe Hefner Plumbing offers complete, plumbing service and repair.


Call today at 704-634-8926!


Often repair is simply not a viable option, requiring you to install a new drain field (leach field) before you can resume normal home function. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here, too! Our drain field installation service is fast and hassle free.   Our service keeps your home intact with minimal impact on your lawn, providing installation that is faster, less costly, and less stressful. We put your needs first in all of our services, and you should never have to stress or fear a septic field installation service.

Looking for professional sewer or septic service in Charlotte, Concord or surrounding areas? Contact us today at 704-634-8926 to schedule your service!

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